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Develop meaningful and valued relationships

See who your best customers are, who your worst customers and all manner of different customer types in between. It then enables you to use this insight to market loyalty programes, vouchers, promotions and advertising to intelligent marketing segments or to individuals.

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Delight and Surprise Your Customers

Timely appropriate messaging to nuture your relationship with your customers. Learn from thier engagements with you and to reward them in the way that they want to engage with you and the cornerstone of what Seehoo can do for you.

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Seehoo™ Features

See customer behaviour, in real-time, and target your marketing.

Seehoo™ Integrations

Automatically gather and share data with your favourite systems.

Seehoo™ Add-ons

Upgrades for added customer relationship insights.

Seehoo™ Partners

We work with some of the best, to make life easier for you.

Measure your marketing

Seehoo provides insights that enable you to see how your customers are engageing with you across all channels of marketing. Use these insights to help identify patterns and segments for improved comms and targeting.

Know your customer

CRM insights on an indvidual level - The data that Seehoo harvests about your customer engagements enables you to see an important level of detail about each customer relationship   

Reward and nurture

Send rewards, vouchers, invites and timely messaging to customers to delight and surprise them. Show them the love that you have for them via email, sms, advertising, social media and on your website. #loveyourpeople 


Speak to one of our CRM advisors

Request a demonstration of how Seehoo can help you measure, monitor and improve your marketing. No jargon or buzzwords, just a simple straightforward video call and screenshare.

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Leveraging data allows Wadworth to increase customer loyalty and drive up the value of the customer experience

No.50 Cheyne

Operating costs for private dining reduced at No. 50 Cheyne with the use of Seehoo™ Events.


Seehoo drives up revenue with targeted marketing at Queens Skate - Dine - Bowl


Seehoo™ gives Chaophraya visibility of their clients movements and event bookings, allowing the automation of their marketing